Hudah Group announce MyHudah ©

Hudah Group are pleased to announce the launch of our new Care Monitoring System MyHudah ©

MyHudah is a comprehensive care monitoring system designed to oversee the engagement of the people we support maintain their records, evaluate their progress, and develop personalized and adaptable care plans with measurable goals. This approach incorporates a diverse set of evidence-based tools, including data collection and analysis, daily life skills, progressive community-oriented outcomes, and risk management strategies. By implementing these practices, MyHudah guarantees the provision of top-tier, inclusive support services.

Our Care Planning function allows for our staff members to access care plans remotely to promote safe and effective community access and remote support whilst ensuring updated care plans, risk assessments and health plans are available at a moments notice.

Our Daily Notes allow for Hudah Staff members to complete daily notes with limited time needed. We create templates that answer the make answering the key questions such as medication, personal care and activities as simple as ticking a box. All these feeds into our Data analysis to present updated relevant data from the support we provide

Every profile employs a specific Daily Risk Management (DRM) tool, custom-tailored to its unique needs. The DRM not only provides transparency into risk-related decision-making at the service level but also offers the organization a clear view of the risk level associated with each profile / service.

Out Incident Reporting System (IRS) uses sophisticated data collection and analysis tools that ensure lessons are learnt and accountability is maintained. Data collected is used to care and support plans are kept current, person specific and that risks are continuously monitored.