Our Mission

Here at Hudah we aim to provide service users with the support needed on their own unique journey. We see the relationship between “support worker” and the people we support as a partnership developed to support the service users’ individual goals, aspirations, and growth.

Core Values


We believe in empathic support. The best kind of support is driven by empathy and understanding.


We respect everyone’s unique path in life and support each other on that journey. We celebrate our diversity.


We are committed to the growth and development of our service users, staff team and organisation.


We work hard to establish and maintain a relationship of trust with those we support.

Who We Are

Who are we? – Our History 

Hudah Group is a newly established social care provider. We were established in early 2022 and represents our passion for providing person centred care to service users with a wide range of care needs. We work with the people we support to increase their independence, quality of life and integration into their local communities. 

Hudah Group is a member of the “For the Good of Care”. For the Good of Care is a group of social care providers aiming to provide solutions to the national problems facing people with a diagnosis of Learning disability or Autism at a local level. 

 What makes us different?

We pride ourselves in our commitment to service user growth. The people we support are supported in innovative ways to increase the confidence, independence, and quality of life. We put great effort into our staff training, development and creating a great support system for our staff team, so they can provide better care for those we support. 

We believe that we all require support in our own unique path and its this believe that is the foundation of our care and support. We work closely with service users, families, local authorities, and past providers (In cases of transitions) to create great person-centred support plans. 

We understand the importance of faith and culture when it comes to supporting people especially those from ethnic backgrounds. For many people faith and culture plays a big part in who they are. It’s imperative that these differences are understood, respected and supported.

For the Good of Care

What is For the Good of Care?

For the Good of Care was established in 2021 with the aim of providing solutions for people with learning disabilities and autism at a local level. For the Good of Care is a group of companies all who share the belief that fixing the national issues faced by those with a learning disability or autism diagnosis starts with doing so on a local level with care providers that all share that passion and vision.


For the Good Of Care’s Statement 

“For the Good of Care ltd solve national issues for people with Autism or a Learning Disability and develop and implement local solutions. We work in collaboration with partners to develop innovative care solutions and we are proud to support Hudah Group in their commitment to quality care. This includes a mission to support outstanding practitioners in the development of care and support.

As a For the Good of Care associated company Hudah Group have access to clinical psychology, specialist Positive Behaviour Support (PBS), autism specialists and a collective infrastructure to support their journey.”

Paul Crowther  – For the Good Of Care Managing Director

Hudah's Commitment

The partnership between For the Good of Care and Hudah was established to outline Hudah’s commitment to improving the care for people with a learning disability or autism. This commitment is explained by our managing director:

Our Director’s Statement

“My personal experience when supporting people with learning disabilities and autism paved the way to the creation of our organisation. It’s the time I spent supporting service users with this  diagnosis that made leaving a career as a civil engineer and pursuing social work an easy decision.  Partnering For the Good of Care was my personal way of committing to the improvement of care for those with learning disabilities or autism.

 As an organisation Hudah Group shares the belief that solving the problem means working with others to ensure we are able to improve the overall standard of care for people with learning disabilities or autism.”

Abdul Algannin Msc – Hudah Group Founding Director