Faith & Cultural Based Support

As an organisation we look to outline gaps and needs in our local areas that we are able to provide support for. One such gap is the need for faith and cultural based support in areas with a high ethnic minority population. 

Hudah Group aim to provide care and support for a wide variety of needs, we believe one very specific way we can help those around us is in providing support for people with Learning disabilities, Autism or Mental Health conditions that come from lesser represented backgrounds and cultures. 

For some of us our faith and culture play a vital role in who we are and how we cope with the world. It’s imperative that care providers such as ourselves are able to tailor services to provide effective support to people from different backgrounds. Understanding a person’s faith and culture can play a massive part in making them feel comfortable, confident and empowered. 

"Being born a Muslim, coming from a BAME background and then living the majority of my life in Manchester, I felt first hand how my culture and faith mixed with the world around me. My experience supporting 2 young men in particular who came from an Asian background showed me that having the ability to understand and relate to them allowed me to build a strong rapport, one I believe stemmed from the comfort they took in knowing I shared some of their experiences and was from a similar background. This experience and the difference I believe I was able to make in their life was an essential cornerstone in the vision on which Hudah Group was built.

I believe that having support workers that understand and relate to you can make you feel at home and allow you to truly be yourself. Aa support providers having this understanding can help us understand behaviours, routines, likes and dislikes all of which helps us provide effective and empowering support."
Abdul Algannin MSc
Founding Director

Respect & Empathy

Understanding that support and care looks different for everyone ensures that we as an organisation are providing effective and responsive care and not just taking a one service fits all approach. Hudah’s core values of Respect and Empathy aim to promote a culture of acceptance and support throughout our organisation