Our Services

We provide a wide range of services tailored to meet the needs of those we support

This service often called “domiciliary care” is designed for people who need additional support with day-to-day household tasks, personal care or any other activity which allows them keep living in their own home. This may include support accessing the community, maintaining their home or support with medication.

Our 24-hour services offers a service for people who may need support with daily tasks like cooking meals or would rather live in the comfort and safety that comes from knowing someone else is there when things go wrong at night.

We all deal with the world in different ways. Those diagnosed with learning disabilities, Autism or mental health conditions may display behaviours that some may consider challenging. We use the PBS (Positive Behaviour Support) model of support to support people achieve positive outcomes.

Our Mission

Here at Hudah we aim to provide the people we support with the assistance needed on their own unique journey. We see the relationship between “Support worker” and the people we support as a partnership developed to support their individual goals, aspirations, and growth.

Core Values


We believe in empathic support. The best kind of support is driven by empathy and understanding.


We respect everyone’s unique path in life and support each other on that journey. We celebrate our diversity.


We are committed to the growth and development of our service users, staff team and organisation.


We work hard to establish and maintain a relationship of trust with those we support.