24-Hour Supported Living

What is it?

Our 24-Hour supported living provides every person with the security of support in their own home, be it in their own apartment or a bedroom within a shared tenancy. Supported living offers a great chance for continuous care and the possibility to reduce support hours in a safe environment. 

We work with the people we support to create an environment that works for them. We believe our environment can have a massive impact on our ability to lead active lifestyles. This model empowers individuals to increase their long-term independence within an environment where choice, control and self-management are embedded into everyday practice.

How it works

  • Our 24-Hour support service is carried out through a robust and thorough assessment of your needs where you have direct input. 
  • Once your needs have been identified and assessed we work with you to design an environment and support package that achieves positive outcomes.
  • We are aware that some people may require support finding the right home. We offer support in sourcing, identifying and designing properties working in line with Housing Associations and property developers.
  • We assist and support you every step of the way including application for housing benefits, budgeting, activities and daily tasks. 

Our Mission

Here at Hudah we aim to provide service users with the support needed on their own unique journey. We see the relationship between “Care giver” and our service users as a partnership developed to support the service users’ individual goals, aspirations, and growth.


We believe in empathic support. The best kind of support is driven by empathy and understanding.


We respect everyone’s unique path in life and support each other on that journey. We celebrate our diversity.


We are committed to the growth and development of our service users, staff team and organisation.


We work hard to establish and maintain a relationship of trust with those we support.